Monday, February 07, 2011

【정민】 :: SPN Interview Media photos + Interview Essence


interview photos uploaded only on 7 Feb. Taken on 26 Jan

The about-the-same interview was published on (4 Feb)

The above interview was published few days ago. Content is about the same as past interviews. Perhaps just some 'essence' from the interview which, is actually interesting :

His target for this year is to get a house!

2011 to him, is very special in many ways. 2011 is the Year of Rabbit, which happens to be his year as he was born in year 1987, which is why his anticipation for the year turns out unusually high. And seemingly, he has had taken a pry into fortune with Tiger-Fate and Tarot cards. According to the Tiger-Fate, it was predicted that his cash-flow status will be a big jackpot this year.

If so, what about his love-life fortune? We asked about that question carefully. Instead of Jungmin answering, it was the people around him who complained to that, "Because of Jungmin we can't even date a lover".

"I don't have a girlfriend that's why people around me can't date too. I'll feel jealous since they're beside me all the time isn't it. Very selfish right? (laughs)"

So, what is his ideal type like, as we asked.

"I like one who's fond of me. I'm very coward by nature, so I can't make dashes (confessions) easily because I often think 'What if I get rejected???'... That's why if she likes me, I'll then grow to have concern and liking for her as time goes by. I don't start liking someone first".

There's another target that Park Jungmin has for the year, and that is to move to a good home. He's thinking of moving out from where he's living in now; an apartment located near Kangnam-gu. And because of that, his hobby recently is to go shopping for interior home-items.

"The tenant of the house asked for the rental deposits first so I might as well just move out. That explains why I recently develop interest for interior items, especially things like furnitures, I have alot of desire for those. I just like those kinda pleasant items these days".

Last but not least, we asked him about his dream.

"I want to become an true, genuine artist who is able to act with his heart, and sings with his heart. Please just anticipate Park Jungmin's dynamic moves for the year".


liezle said...

thank you ode for this. it's rare for us to read about jm's ideal girl.

btw, i hope he finds a house that he likes soon. and i'm so happy to know that finally he'll be able to realize his dream of buying a house.

i hope that the rest of the boys, kj and yj, will get to buy their own house too. i believe this is one of the upside of going solo, getting more big bucks and slowly realizing their dreams. isn't it the hjb also just recently bought a house for his mom?


ode said...

@liezle nim
Yes hyungjun also recently bought a house for his mama. Even jm also wants to buy a house for his mama, too

Maybe we should all go buy new homes and start moving for the new year!