Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jung Somin's 'humiliation'...

Haha, who wouldn't have that expression on their faces on a rollercoaster? & & can you control your heartbeat? kkkkk

The humiliating photographs of the female protagonist of MBC Wed-Thurs drama [Playful Kiss] which ended its run last October 21 is garnering quick discussions.

In the 9th episode of the reality travelling programme 'it City, Let's play in Japan!' which's to be aired on 19th February at 11PM, Jung Somin found her way to the 'Fujikyu Theme Park'.

In the souvenier-shot candid photographs showed Jung Somin screaming her lungs out in just a mere 1.8 seconds upon riding on a 172km/per hour roller coaster ride named 'Do-don-pa' as well as another one that took riders on a 14-round revolution ride.

Jung Somin who guaranteed that she could pull through the scary rides ended up with shocked expressions on her face throughout the rides, which was a contrast obviously to what she said, and this brought about the attention of netizens. Even after Jung Somin came down from the roller coaster, her knees turned jelly and she wasn't able to stand for awhile.

And then again at the haunted house 'Horrorifying Maze', she was so scared that she cried and had to be pulled out by her friend Lee Soo-bin, which was yet another humiliation for her.

Meanwhile, in the 10th episode of 'it City, Let's play in Japan!', there will be re-enactments of famous venues in Kamakura City which was where the famous manga 'Slam Dunk' was shot at.

Jung Somin also held hands with her best friend Lee Soo-bin as both of them travelled across Shizuoka and Yamanashi which locates the famous Fuji mountain of Japan. They also weaved enjoyable memories by attending to the traditional paper crafting event and the visiting to festivals of the blossoming of cherry flowers.

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