Sunday, February 27, 2011

【현중】:: Daum Star Ranking for February

This is Daum's Star Ranking where through the combination of Daum Searches, Daum Telzone Activity Rate, fancafe and digital music comes the ranking of 'popularity' of stars for each category.

For the month of February, under category of (Male Singer), we see Leader in the ranking. With no music publication, it still shows the amount of concern over him. Especially when February was a month with very little news of him. Other singers on the chart includes Heo-gak, John Park, Drunker Tiger, Lee Seung-gi, Taecyeon, Jay Park etc. Most of them have got exposures

Proof shot!

For the month

For Weekly (2nd week)

@ Feb 27, 2PM

What does this tell you?


Anonymous said...

yeah...uri leader jjang!!!
thx for posting ^_^
love ur blog ^_^

Anonymous said...

This tells me that everyone is missing Leader just as much as I do.