Sunday, February 06, 2011

【정민】:: Interesting Hilarious Incident @ Music Core recording 5/FEB

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really funny, don't you think? The last time was in Japan when Jungmin made use of the loudspeaker to confess his love for fans.

A netizen shared this when she went to watch Music Core recording yesterday (5 feb)

Went for the recording venue for Music Core
I'm personally not a fan of Park Jungmin, but the last time I saw him in Beijing, I've since felt him to be an interesting person
When I saw him at the venue this time, I thought his body shape truly carried the 'Prince' disposition
Even my friends who went with me agreed that: he dresses alot like a 'Prince'.

He's really nice to fans, the moment he appeared, he waved hands non-stop and kept smiling; really friendly.
But the most interesting matter happened when recording ended.
It was when his car drove out from the carpark.
At that time many fans were at the exit of the carpark, and when Jungmin's car drove out, he was sitting at the passenger seat, and his car's window was totally pulled down.
In his hands was the loud-hailing speaker (those radio kinda ones), and he used that to greet the fans outside the car.
Hoolala-ing~ and then a horde of fans holding green balloons all started giving chase!!!!
...I think back again, and finds this Park Jungmin really too interesting.

My goodness grief...


liezle said...

This is so funny! Thanks Ode for sharing. I can picture how JM's doing it. I wonder if it's a megaphone that he is using. Really,Jung Min you are hilarious!


len said...

jung min is really a lovely creature..

i miss tom and jerry..