Friday, February 25, 2011

25/FEB Kibum : "They said I was lacking musically-wise..."

2011 02 25

Recently, Kim Kibum, who left the 7-member male idol group U-KISS along with Alexander, talked and explained about this incident personally through an exclusive interview.

News broke out on 23rd that U-KISS' Alexander was going to leave the group for academic reasons whilst it was said that for Kim Kibum, he wanted to tend to his character business that's operated together with his brother SS501's Kim Hyung Jun. Ever since then, cable channel KBS joy [Entertainment Magazine Entertainers] has tried contacting Kim Kibum.

In relation to this issue, Kim Kibum talked about it in an exclusive interview with 'Entertainers', "The agency requested that I cancel my full time contract because they felt I was lacking in musical terms. Though it was a pity, I agreed to it and thus got out and left since then", as he explained the concrete reason behind it. "There were talks that I left the group because of business reasons, but it's not like that", as he added on.

With regards to his brother Kim Hyung Jun, "He was very extremely angry but still he gave me alot of strength and told me to buck up and be strong", as he delivered his gratitude towards his brother.

Through and throughout the interview, Kim Kibum was consistently resolute in his talks, "I'll become the Kim Kibum who will work harder in future", as he showed his strong will.

This will be aired on 25th at 11PM.

Seriously.....ever since this news came out, now it made even worse... What did they mean by he was lacking musically? What are they requiring for? Could you even imagine how angry would the brother be?
That was just really irresponsibly done. "Get away, shoooo we need you no more!"

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