Monday, February 07, 2011

【현중】:: May's Official Full Album is in final production+Denial


Kim Hyun Joong will also return with solo album in May...

"It's now Kim Hyun Joong's turn"

Group SS501's member Kim Hyun Joong who has been receiving lots of concern over his solo activities all this while has entered the final stage of album preparations.

Kim Hyun Joong will be releasing his first official solo album in May and step into activities as a solo singer. He has had experiences in the field of acting where he was last casted in drama [Playful Kiss]. This shall be his first time stepping forth after SS501's activity period not as an actor, but as a singer.

According to one personnel from his agency KEYEAST, in order for him to have a much distinctive stage as compared to past stages while with his group, he has had since received more than 100 songs and are in process of song selections at the moment. As for his album structure, instead of a smaller scale as a digital single or mini-album wherein burden would also be less huge, they have thus decided for an official full album. With that, it is much obvious that Kim Hyun Joong is really adamant and serious about his solo start-out for this time.

Personnel from his agency has explained, "We're now in the final stages of album production", "He will be challenging dance, ballad and diversified genres since it will be his first time on stage as a solo singer".

Kim Hyun Joong's solo activities will be the fourth member in SS501 as a solo singer after Park Jung Min who first started out in January with [Not Alone], and then to Heo Young Saeng who will be challenging as a dance singer at the end of this month, followed by Kim Hyung Jun will begin his activities in March after signing on with Japan AVEX agency.

Apart from member Kim Kyu Jong who will be slated to step forth as an actor instead, all SS501 members will be doing activities as a singer for the time being.


Album is still in-the-making...

'Flower boy' Kim Hyun Joong is currently in full swing of album preparation works, however it was let known that the specific general outline hasn't yet been decided.

Some media have recently reported that Kim Hyun Joong is in the final stages of album production. Despite so, it was later let known that the album concept is still in midst of discussion and is also now in process of song selections.

Relating to this, a personnel from Kim Hyun Joong's agency told NEWSEN, "Kim Hyun Joong's album is expected to be released in May. It's still early to say that his comeback is approaching soon", "We're now in discussion of the album concept and also taking in songs. He still hasn't yet recorded for any songs", as he revealed.

The news is definitely true that it'll be out in May. but so as I thought, indeed it's only beginning of February and productions have already finished? That's too soon. Based on HJ's personality, he isn't that kind to have rushed work to its end all so soon.

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Anonymous said...

Finally...some news on KHJ!! I was already anticipating his solo album in May but I'm even more excited now that it's a full album. Thanks Ode for the update and translation!