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Jungmin (정민) :: Disbandment? I never said that... @ Strong Heart 1/FEB (+chi sub video)

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When I first watched it somewhere else, I was already puzzled. 'SS501해체라고요'????? This thought came onto mind. JM didn't mention anything about that. Neither did the two hosts. Yet in the subtitles, 'SS501 해체' came out. '해체' means Disbandment. It's not the first time such silly mistakes appear in programmes/varieties/even large scaled programmes. They should hire more professional people.

video version by inamsom@youtube

Group SS501's fans are now angered.

On February 1, member of Group SS501 Park Jungmin appeared in SBS TV variety 'Strong Heart' and shared stories about the difference with starting solo activities under the subject talk -- 'Solo and Group'.

The root of this issue arose when Park Jungmin was speaking halfway and the phrase 'SS501 Disband' began to appear in the broadcast's subtitlings.

To this, SS501 fans have made protests on 'Strong Heart's notice board, "It's not a disbandment, I'm truly speechless", "We courteously demand for an apology", "Seems like you all are not putting our SS501 fandom in eyes, indeed this is The-Strong-Heart huh", thus demanding an apology for the producers' fault.

After ending their contract with previous agency DSP Media, SS501 have since moved agencies. Kim Hyunjoong was the first to move into Keyeast, after which Kim Hyung Jun and Park Jung Min also both went to different separate agencies. And then again, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong also moved into B2M Entertainment in which Lee Hyori is in.

Amidst the SS501 fandom, there are also a part of fans who are concerned over whether or not SS501 has already been disbanded. However, through many interviews, SS501 members have all revealed that "there is ample possibility for all five of them to unite again on the same stage whenever possible, though they may be pursuing their separate activities for the moment now".

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hanchen thinks jungmin looks lonely..(in the first of the 2 epis)

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