Thursday, April 29, 2010

Saitama Concert 2504 -- role playing translation

some interesting interactions between each coupling during saitama conc.. ^^
thanks for the sharers and original translators, as well as remind-ers... ^^
decided to do a short translations..
for both DHJ couple ++ MS couple~~~~~

--begins from the middle--

Translations: (chi) 路人甲1號@tstw + (eng) ode

HyungJun: Girlfriend.

HyunJoong: What? (faked a female's voice)

HyungJun: Girlfriend.

HyungJun: Are you angry now?

(Hyung holding onto Hyun’s shoulders) HyungJun: Aigoo~~~~ (old fellow tone)

HyunJoong runs away: So scary yo~~~~

HyungJun pulls HyunJoong. HyungJun: Come, kiss here.

HyunJoong shocked. In the fancam he was seen to be shocked also?

HyungJun: For the sake of both of us, kiss here for abit.

--HyunJoong is in a dilemma, HyungJun attacks him---

HyunJoong: Like a pervert.

HyunJoong: Come again, any other methods you have.

HyungJun: I only know of this tactic to comfort girlfriend.

HyunJoong: Pervert, Pervert.

HyungJun: I’m a pervert???

HyunJoong: Yes, you Are.

apart from the one left in YT comment section, this is the more detailed
translation available of their Role Playing

JM & YS Role Playing – Detailed Translation

Translations: (chi) 暗香浮動@Siren KPOP ( + (eng) ode

Min: Are you angry?

Saeng: Yes

Min: Why angry?

--Saeng wants to use Japanese to explain, but couldn’t--

Saeng: ‘Cos I don’t know how to say Japanese!

Min: Oh.. Then that’s not my problem, right?

Saeng: You this fella…!

Min: Call me JungMin!

Saeng: JungMin… You…

Min: Enough. Say no more. Look at me. I shall sing a song then.

Saeng: Really?

Min: Now, I will sing for only you.

Saeng: Really? I want to listen to it for a little.

Min: You want? Allright.

--JungMin sings Ken Hirai’s世界で一番君が好き?(Sekaide ichiban kimi ga suki?), changing the subject’s name to YS)--

Saeng: Sung so well!! Too good!!

Min: Really? So do you feel better now?

Saeng: Yeah, I’m so touched!!

Min: Alright, YoungSaeng ah, now it’s your turn to sing!!

Saeng: …Why?

Min: To show that we will be together forever!! Please sing a song! If not I’ll be angry oh!!

--YoungSaeng sings ZARD song, but forgot lyrics suddenly--

Min: Thank you so much!!