Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[msg] 로얄에비뉴에서... @ 2010-04-28, 4:21:42 PM

he left this on R.A this afternoon, but I only just translated it
The mailbox is for proper business, ne? ^^
This message is also for proper business think CEO dont look @ website despite his so busy schedule?
he does, and every day, in case u dont know...kkkkkkk
so if you talk nonsense on there, like me (^^, kiddin')
you will be recorded and observed about...!

출처---로얄에비뉴 RoyalAvenue


At Royal Avenue... @ 2010-04-28, 4:21:42 PM

Along with the renewed 'Royal Avenue-Lapin Carrot' homepage, we will be recruiting new manpower here.

Area of requirement: General Web Designer

Must be able to do the things well, exact and quick.

Strong full sense of responsibility,well-natured, able to do things and last right until the end,
we are recruiting such manpower.

Must not be a freelancer.

6 days of work per week

Lunch to be provided

Insurance covered for your 4 generations

Monthly salary to be further discussed about.

Resume and portfolio to be sent to here:

Yoroshiku (japanese; douzo meaning)

---Representative Park JungMin