Friday, April 30, 2010

[기사] Gummy MV's KimHyunJoong

news comes out always like this, ne?
I like the song.....^_^


source: newsen kr
eng: ode

Singer Gummy's new album title hit track 'As a Man' Music Video was released on April 30 at 4pm.

This time in this music video, the director who received the Best MV Director Award at
2009 Mnet 'Asian Music Awards' with Seo Tae-ji's album, shot for this MV, and he is director Hong Won-Gi.

Through 'As a Man' teaser where anticipation has been built up on, SS501 KimHyunJoong
and actress Jung Ryeo-won's bonding was seen with their detailedly expressions portrayal.

The music video talks about love at its beginning stage and as time flows by quickly, and how women view from their point of perspective as men gradually grow indifferent, these feelings were expressed through its apt and finely lyrics; unexpectedly, the two people KimHyunJoong and Jung RyeoWon ended up falling in love with each other since living in the same house, such a love story was spinned in such a manner.

This music video also used the RedOne Camera that was shot for movie 'Country Representative' and drama 'Chuno', which heightened increasing realness for the video as could be seen.

Gummy's new mini album 'Loveless' full song has been released on 30th. Also, on this day,
in the afternoon, Gummy will have a fan showcase through SKT Live Session programme which would be broadcasted through Cyworld.