Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[영상] 남자라서 Teaser

[27.04] Gummy's MV 남자라서 teaser

surely you saw this already, this MV will be coming out 2days later, 30th!
teaser much much??

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just translate a short news here

출처; 뉴스줘이엔

Gummy's new mini album's title hit "Because you're a man" released its teaser on the afternoon at 2PM on April 27.

In this Gummy's music video which created a bout of discussion amidst the people since it was a Teddy's work, SS501 KimHyunJoong and actress Jung Ryeo-won's participation in the music video further received attention on them.

KimHyunJoong's detailed expressions and excellent portrayal of deep and blazing fiery eyebeam diffused his charm all over the place, the feeling which he gave to 'Because you're a man' was thus enriched even more.

In this teaser video, a small part of the melody was revealed too. The 30 seconds long teaser recorded an uplight beat which made it apt with Gummy's vocals, though the music melody was covered more than Gummy's vocal itself.

On the other hand, full music video will be released on April 30 nationwide.