Monday, April 26, 2010

[기사][직캠] 1st Hanryu Fancard event by doubles

[26.04] SS501 holds a concert with 'hanryu fancard' 1st performer status

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Popular group SS501 held a luxurious independent concert as the 1st event of 'Hanryu fancard'.

On the 25th at Japan saitama super arena, korea's Annex Telecom and Japan's largest portal Yahoo Japan joint-collaborated a service 'Hanryu fancard', in which its first event carried out was a 'SS501 concert' where about 6000 fans gathered together and attended to.

Hit song 'Love Like This' which began off as first track, SS501 has said, "We feel proud and happy when we see the stage of our first performance being decorated.", "let's weave a happy sunday together", along which they performed to Japanese version of AGAIN, big hit work Boys over Flower OST's 'Making a Lover' etc, introducing to their hit songs one after another, captivating the fans' passion and enthusiasm.

KimKyuJong's WUSS UP began the solo corner area, where Heo YoungSaeng sang to 1-member band ZARD's rep hit 'Makenaide' (Don't give up) etc, and members displayed to each's own skills one by one.

On the other hand, poll 'SS501's Image Ranking' was revealed, leader KimHyunJoong topped the poll.


'Image Ranking P0ll' fancam...

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