Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gummy music diary #8

gummy writes on her homepage about her upcoming latest mini-album LOVELESS
Gummy is a good singer, remember to listen to some when the album's are out^^

#8 talks about namjaraseo.. the rest didnt.. so I only did this............................

Gummy's MUSIC DIARY -- 8th Episode
@ 28.04.2010

eng; ode

music diary of 남자라서 music video #8

This time's album's title track.. 'Namjaraseo'
In the lyrics of this song, because it needed to reveal alot of content of stories,
in order to express across those stories, the amazing actors contributed alot of 'explosive' (impactful) ideas to this.

Though it was challenging trying to find amidst so many shortlisted MV actors,
in the end, we finally decided for the 2 protagonists ..
Kim Hyun Joong-ssi and Ryeo Won-ssi

Usually these 2 protagonists who are already very 'explosive' in reality
Shot my music video..
I'm very grateful to them

Since I feel grateful, I visited the MV shooting site
bringing along my grateful heart
Indeed.. all of them look really like actors.
'Namjaraseo' 's 2 protagonists..
ahh! spoiler oh..
Instead of my 100 words, this following short video (teaser) that you see will explain more
and better to you

The love story of 2 protagonists.
Please anticipate much ^-^

I'll just grab any which of YT's version