Friday, April 30, 2010

[정보] persona hits the screens ++ detailed info

that time i wrote about the showing of persona on screens ne?
now with more details...

cinemart always do these things, dont worry...
wait, whats there to worry.............?


Persona in Budoukan will be shown on the screens again

【Budoukan LIVE Concert + behind-the-scenes footage】 (10~15 minutes)

***Advanced Sales Price: 2,500yen (tax inclusive)

--Beginning from April 29, tickets starting selling at Cinemart Shinjuku, Cinemart Roppongi,
Cinemart Shinsaibashi; by purchasing tickets from these 3 places,
you would get to receive the poster of your favourite member
from the 2 different genres of SS501 Original Posters!

***On the day sales price: 2,700yen (tax inclusive)

---Showtimes/Show period: 2010.05.22 (Sat) ~ 2010.06.04 (Friday)
(Until the ending time as on Cinemart Homepage and various cinemart theatres)

---Venue: Cinemart Roppongi, Cinemart Shinsaibashi

2009/Japan/121 minutes (+video 10~15minutes) / Color/