Sunday, April 25, 2010

[mag] PATI-PATI Vol.9 2009 January

Pati.Pati Vol.9, 2009 January

source & scans;
translate; (jp to chi) 妃茵@tstw + (chi to eng)

HyunJoong -- [lazing on bed] (ne bou)
I have dampened spirits in the morning, so often will laze on bed.
Am I the only one to do that?
Everyone surely do lazing on bed too, ne?
(of courseeee, just that you do 'lazing' in the Master-Holder level form.......)

JungMin -- [Under the sky] (tenka)
(2009 is the sky of SS501)
We want to hold hostage the skies of Japan and Korea in 2009.
In this case, only then would we be able to meet with everyone!!

KyuJong -- [Courage) (yuuki)
For the sake of everyone, we have always been mustering courage to move around and
do activities.
So, let's all work hard together too~!!!

YoungSaeng -- [Ricecake] (toppogi)
Ate ricecake today. It's the spicy ricecake in korea ne.
Ah! But "toppogi" pronunciation in japanese is the same as korean pronunciation
as "tteokbbeokgi" yo. (laughs)

HyungJun -- [Rabbit] (usagi)
Because I was born in the year of rabbit so I chose this word~~
Plus I'm also really fond of rabbits yo!! (laughs)
What year is every one born in hmm?