Friday, April 23, 2010

[직찍] Onstyle net shooting before leaving for jp @ 230410 [생군 포커즈] [hssc]

kkkkk so before the princes left to Japan
they were shooting for onstyle(net?) too
knew it... but anyway that's not the main point
the main point is, it was mentioned that hj woke up late....and why woke up late?
because hj was the late worm...^^
he was supposedly shooting for a Gummy MV
yesternight until late night, so yeah since he slept late, he = woke up late
afterall you know why he can wake up late even he has a flight to catch.........^p^

but here...YSgun in actioon, fooling around with 3 other princes
1 missing prince..... =(

courtesy from, thanks.
cr; 앤디크@hyunsaengscandal (

this is the fancam

Youtube version
thanks to uploader
cr; uploader - shirbogurl501@yt

these are the jikjjik
fooling around^____^