Friday, April 23, 2010

HJ shot for Gummy's music video?

and so I was reading some fanaccount of a fan who was on the phone with
her dongsaeng.....she said that her dongsaeng saw HJ shooting for a Gummy-ssi's
Music video yesterday (22 April) at around evening time 7pm?
at Seoul Jongro-gu, Ssayong Apartment playground....
uhhh playground....?
yeah, and ended around late midnight..... I think they worked until late night...
maybe thats why HJ seemed kinda pale this afternoon when
they took the plane to Japan for saitama concert?
yeah from what I saw, he looked not so listless....maybe thats because
he's always like that...^o^
and so the fanaccount was saying that (as usual)
Hj is very pretty, very nice, even handshook with the daughter
HJ has a very pretty smile, very flawless skin, etc...
those normal praises that you'd expect to hear about
but when they're just so true........who could cover those excitement, ne?
wonder when will the gummy MV be out.......

but again, this is just but hearsay, though it's a fanaccount
we'll see, ne? ^^

ahhh btw,
fanaccount as seen on: miclub f4 | 현편님