Saturday, December 08, 2012

형준 :: 『대전 드라마 페스티벌 - K 드라마 어워즈(Daejeon Drama Festival - K Drama Awards 2012)』 - 'Rising Star' awarded!

오늘 12월 8일 대전에서 열리는 『대전 드라마 페스티벌 - K 드라마 어워즈 2012』에서 '라이징스타' 상을 수상한 김형준씨에게 축하의 말씀을 드리고 싶습니다!
완전 축하해요 형준씨!! 배우로서의 첫 상이기 때문에 더 뜻 깊은 것이죠! 다시한번 축하드립니다!!

Hyung Jun received the Newbie 'Rising Star' award to which he was nominated for at the 『Daejeon Drama Festival - K Drama Awards 2012』 held today (Dec 8) in Daejeon. Congratulations!! It is his first award as an actor, and even as a solo artiste!! Once again, Congratulations Hyung Jun!!

English: There's something really meaningful and significant for me today. It made my start as an actor joyously (encouragingly).! I may have received this award, but I'd like to dedicate it to all staff who suffered much together with me for the drama. To all fans as well, truly truly thank you^^. Kim Hyung Jun Daebak! Fighting!

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