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★ 2012 Round-Up Summary ★

드디어! 2012년도 마무리했습니다. 그럼 조금 생각해보시려면 올해는 어떠셨어요? 좋은 한 해였나요!?
2012 has eventually came to an end... So, let us think, what kind of year was 2012...? Has it been a great year!?

  • All members released own albums (be it Japanese or Korean), and took new challenges
  • Friendship beyond the sky:
    -All members took time out to congregate for Kim Kyu Jong's final Fanmeeting in 2 years
    -Support shown at Kim Hyung Jun's 2nd Korean mini-album showcase
  • All been very active in sports (hobbies/interests/recreation): Basketball, Football, Baseball, Scuba Dive

All had a successful record of solo career:

  • Hyung Jun:
    - Held 1st Story and 2nd Story Nationwide Tours across Japan! 2nd Story Tour was done in less than a month!

    - Released 2nd Korean mini-album 『ESCAPE』 and 2nd (half) Japanese mini-album 『ESCAPE』.

    - Got invited to quite many significant market shows, events, ceremonies, festivals, as VIP Guest/Sole Performer (eg, KNTV Japan Drama Parade 2012, Busan International Film Festival 2012, K-Drama Star Awards 2012, Malaysia Model Festival 2012, Thailand-Korea Friendship Festival 2012)

    - Got recognised as actor with 2 dramas as a protagonist in one (『Sunshine Girl』) and an important role in the other (『I Love You』)!

    - Got the 'newbie' award with his 1st solo drama 『Sunshine Girl』 ever, and is seen to be the new rising star!

    - Got casted in famous director's new movie 『Actors are Actors』 and stars alongside veteran actors!

    - Had many many opportunities to meet with fans through fanmeets, fansigns, events (with ESCAPE in Korea and Japan, Sunshine Girl, I Love You, Concert Tours, Festivals, etc)

    Conclusion: Only a newbie in the acting industry, and he can already be achieving such achievements. It really shows his hard work being acknowledged in the eyes of many professionals. His individual name is starting to really shine. It's a really proud thing to see.

  •  Jung Min:
    - Taiwan Drama 『Fondant Garden』 marked his 1st foreign drama where he was the protagonist and the role specially tailored for him.

    - Released 2nd Korean mini-album 『Beautiful』, and 2 Japan Singles under ROMEO 『Give Me Your Heart』, 『Tonight's the Night』, and 1 Album under ROMEO 『Midnight Theatre』

    - Debuted in Japan as ROMEO with 3 live shows. Despite speechless throughout the show, there was no lack of passion and enthusiasm. ROMEO was well-received. It is a fresh try.

    - Had many many opportunities to meet with fans through fanmeets, fansigns, tours, events

    Conclusion: There were several unpleasant happenings this year as well, but which will only make him even stronger. It has been a year of reflection and progress for him. 

  • Young Saeng:
    - 1st official acting in comedy 『I Need a Fairy』.

    - Released 2nd Korean mini-album 『SOLO』, and his 1st Japan Album 『Overjoyed』.

    - Held his 1st solo concert ever - but in Japan! He was able to wrap all that many audiences.

    - Had many opportunities to meet with fans through fansigns, concert

    Conclusion: It was a year of rest and continuous improvement for him, as we saw him doing recreation (sports) most of his leisure time. He is topping up energy and inspiration to do even better next year.

  • Kyu Jong:
    - 1st official drama 『Save Ahjumma Go Bong Shil』 where he showed solid acting chops

    - Released 2nd Korean mini-album 『Meet Me Again』

    - Held first solo fanmeeting in Taiwan, Bangkok, Japan

    - Held a final touching and emotional fanmeeting in Korea with all his fans, supporters and most importantly, 4 other brothers who turned up amidst busy schedule to support and encourage

    - Had many opportunities to meet with fans through fanmeets

    - Entered mandatory military and started his 2-year path to maturity as a man

    Conclusion: As he is slowly treading his way to a better future with the price of 2 years, he did not forget about others who cares for him and whom he cares.

  • Hyun Joong:
    - Made his first solo debut in Japan at the beginning of the year, and scored such good results with 3 Japan discographies (2 Singles - January 2012 『Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy』, July 2012 『HEAT』) (1 Album - December 2012 『UNLIMITED』) all getting No.1 on the significant Oricon Charts at Daily, Weekly, even Monthly. It also includes other music charts like Tower Records Charts, HMV charts, Tsutaya Charts, etc.

    - He created several history with the title of a foreign solo artiste/Korean solo artiste with his sole name. With his 3 Japan discographies, he even topped the top few ranks for half-year and year count.

    - Is the highest sales amongst Kpop Solo+Group singers who have had released Japan Singles in 2012 - with 『HEAT』! To which it also achieved the Gold status.

    - Came in top in the few music categories related to his 3 Japan discographies upon immediate release (ie, Ringtone, Caller Ring, MV viewcounts, Realtime Searches on music and news portals, etc)

    - Came in top on Oricon Charts under the 'DVD' category with 『First Impact』

    - Got invited to quite many significant market shows, events, ceremonies, festivals as one of the top and VIP performer

    - Successfully completed 1 Asia Fanmeeting Tour across 3 months (May-July) in 8 countries/cities!

    - Held many many fanmeetings and fansigns (ie, with Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy, HEAT, UNLIMITED, City Conquest, Lotte Duty Free, The Face Shop, Centerpole, Hangten)

    - Invited for the first time on China's most popular variety programme 『Happy Camp』 and achieved highest ratings amongst all other top Korean artistes who have had appeared on the same show before!

    - Got many many awards (Korea's Asia Song Festival, China's Miguhui Music Ceremony, Hong Kong's Yahoo Buzz Asia Awards). Amongst which, he received 4 trophies altogether ('Most Popular of the Decade', 'Hong Kong, Taiwan, Asia's Most Popular Korean Artiste'). This proves he is been internationally and massively acknowledged.

    - Confirmed his 3rd Drama to be an action melo-drama 『City Conquest』 where he is the protagonist.

    Conclusion: He focused on lots of opportunities to interacted with fans. This was an extremely helpful opportunity that help displayed his most honest, sincere and down-to-earth personality to his fans. And that is why his positive power just keeps influencing across Asia, and is slowly making its way towards the world!
    It was mainly his Japan activities and the Asia Fanmeeting Tour. This couldn't have been possible if there was not enough enthusiasm from the market. It is great!!

Final Summary of 2012::

It was such a self-developing and fulfilling year for all of them.

In 2013, their career paths will only start to shine even brighter and twinkle like the Orion star in the dark and unfathomable sky.

Let us await to see even bigger surprises!!

2013 Fighting!!!

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