Monday, December 31, 2012

Buying at Synnara(신나라) : for International Fans ( PayPal is possible )

Synnara Revised Notice for K-pop Fans outside Korea: 

◇Modes of Payment Accepted:-
Paypal (for all product, not just those with the direct clickable Paypal button on product page)


◇Should you fret or doubt over this point, please make your queries to: OR OR OR Synnara 1:1 Counsel Form

*You could e-mail to all three addresses at the same time, if not, just e-mail to will do (guaranteed a reply)

Way to fill in 1:1 Counsel Form:-

상담유형 : Type of Enquiry. Choose '주문결제' -> '기타'
작성자 : Your Name
연락처 : Your Telephone Number. Country Code-Number-Number
E-mail : Your E-mail
제목 : Title
절의내용 : Contents. (you can write in english)

*Through this method, they will certainly reply to you in maybe few hours/1 day.

You can make your order via 2 methods:-

1. E-mail them ( (state you'd like to pay with Paypal)

2. Directly through writing on this page

*Please search for it at the left bar side should you be unable to access the URL


Anonymous said...

Hi. What is Synnara's email? So that I can place my order?

ode said...

To: Anonymous

It is,


shernn. said...

Can know how do I calculate the International postage? :D

ode said...

To: shernn.

That one I'm not so sure! You may want to enquire to them:

or at

They may send you a piece of calculation sheet.


Oktavia Mulyani said...


what I do after I transfer the payment in synnara?

what is the format?

ode said...

to Oktavia Mulyani:


Hmm, what do you mean by 'format'?

You should post an order request on their 'Foreign Order' board (, then await for their reply.

Additionally, you should drop them an e-mail about your order at

They'll reply to you about your order on both sides - attaching an order invoice for you. In the invoice, you will know your total amount etc.

TIn their reply e-mail to you, they will also let you know the e-mail address for Paypal payment.

Hope it helps.

kae shangi said...

hey how to put my information on the blanks they ask to fill? i am not able to fill the blanks..plz help

ode said...

Hi Kae Shangi,

Sorry but which blanks are you referring to?

If you meant to purchase something, you'd need to send an email to them separately.

kae shangi said...

i mean the blanks about our name, id, address which they said to fill in their notice

ode said...

Hi Kae Shangi,

Ah, for that, it actually meant that you should follow the format given -
Telephone No
Email Address

when you want to make a purchase through 3 options.

There's 3 options for you to choose:

When you send a purchase e-mail to them at


through this counsel form (

OR on their notice board (, you should follow that format.

You can choose either ways.

Feel free to contact me at, I can help you there :)

Anonymous said...

what currency would you use? won or ur currency?