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현중 :: 2012/03/19 (Mon) - 18th story 『............』

오늘 아침 10시 쯤엔 18번째 이야기가 떴네~ 오랜만이요 현중씨~~ 지난번이 1월 29일이었는데 ^^;; 여름 드라마도 기대할께요~^^

The 18th story was published this morning (Mon) at around 10AM++... It's been a long time since the previous Jan 29 ^^;;
We will wait for your hot Summer drama~^^

Please read here only.


잘지내고있나모르겠네 나는대외적으론 일이없어도 ..나름바쁜생활을하구있어^^

한단계 더도약하기위함이랄까??

화이트데이때 아무것도 못올려줬네 생각해보니까 ^^;;미안미안

대신좋은 작품과노래를들려줄께 이번년도에는^^;;


진짜심심하네 .......^^ 그렇다고 쉬는건아니고 뭔가를하긴하니까 오해말아

한몇일쉬면서 집에있으니깐 안읽었던 책두보게되구 드라마도많이보고 음악도많이듣게되네

내가아닌것같아서 굉장히자기자신이 낯설어 ㅋㅋㅋ

12시에서한시면 잠두자보고..ㅋㅋ이것두정상적인건아니지만

여러분도 쉴때는 가만히자기에대해 미래에대해 한번생각해봐봐

재정비가 되더라구 ^^ 나이제 재정비해서 다시 .....멋진계획을세운데로

가볼생각이야 잘쉬고있어봐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

날씨도풀렸으니깐 상쾌하게 공기도좀 쐬러다녀보구

그냥 그리워서??????ㅋㅋ심심해서??????몇자 끄적여봤어 ^^;;;

암튼미안미안 화이트데이못해줘서 ㅜㅜ내년에는 꼭줄께 이미지난거라서 뒤늦게 올리진않을래

^^ ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

난 가을이아니라 봄을타는것인가 -_-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Don't know if you all have been well or not but, even though I don't have official activities now ..I still am busy-ing in some way^^

Can I put that (busy-ing even if no official acts) as a kind of way so as for me to leap farther??

Now that I think of it, I realize I didn't upload anything on White day at all ^^;; sorrysorry
In turn, I'll present to you all good works and songs.. in this year ^^;;

Have you all been well???????? It's been about close to a month since I last (officially) appeared ne
So feels really bored .......^^ Despite so, I ain't resting but is instead doing some things actually, so don't misunderstand

Been resting these few days at home, and so started reading books that I haven't read, and also watching many dramas, and also listening alot to music
It's not seem like the usual me to the extend I start feeling like a stranger of myself to myself kkk
I even sleep at around between 12AM to 1AM..kk, and that is also abnormal

You all too, you all should spend some time thinking about yourselves, about your future when you're resting
It'll become some form of re-charge ^^
Now I'll re-charge and then again ..... I will proceed on towards my amazing plans that I have in mind.. So you all take a rest well ya kkkkkkkkkkkkk

The weather's been getting fine these days, so you all ought to go out get some fresh air too
I guess I just missed (you all) ???????kkk or that I'm just plain bored?????? .so that's why I ended up on here writing some stuff ^^;;;;
Anyhow, (I'm) sorrysorry, because I couldn't give anything on White Day ㅜㅜ
I'll definitely give in next year,
but anyway I shall not upload even any belated image (here)
^^ hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Am I like getting some spring fever now instead of the usual fall fever -_-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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