Thursday, March 29, 2012

현중 :: Keyeast notice 03/29 (thurs) - about upcoming Asia fanmeet

About the rumour of upcoming fanmeeting(s) in May in some Asian country(s), Keyeast has release a notice about it.

It is true there will be upcoming fanmeets in Asia. Whether or not it will be in May or after that, it is true he will have fanmeets soon.

Please, believe only what you will read from Kim Hyun-joong Official Homepage!
No matter how long they will take to write the notice (maximum 10-30minutes only), it will certainly still be published in the end.!

현재 해외 티켓 대행 예매 사이트를 통해 김현중씨의 아시아 팬미팅 예약 판매가 진행 되고 있는 것을 확인하였습니다.

english: We have confirmed the fact of some activity of pre-ordering of Kim Hyun-joong's Asia fanmeeting tickets is currently ongoing on some foreign ticket portal site (Japan)

허나 아시아 팬미팅과 관련된 사항은 현재 모두 예정만 되어 있을 뿐 개최 확정지가 아니므로 선예약시 불이익을 받으실 수 있습니다.

english: However, information and details regarding the upcoming Asia fanmeeting(s) is currently only scheduled and nothing is confirmed about those. So, it is likely that you will be disbenefited should you have already done the pre-ordering of tickets.

티켓 대행 사이트를 통한 예매로 발생된 불이익은 키이스트에서 책임지지 않으며 추후 아시아 팬미팅과 관련된 일정 및 개최지가 확정 되는 대로 티켓 구매 관련 자세한 사항은 공식홈페이지를 통해 공지 드리도록 하겠습니다.

english: Keyeast will not be responsible for any incurred losses on your part should you already have made your pre-order on the foreign ticket portal site. Soon, we will be posting a notice on this official homepage regarding the upcoming Asia fanmeetings' related schedules as well as information on the tickets' purchase as soon as is confirmed.

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