Tuesday, June 11, 2013

현중:: 3rd Japan Single 『Tonight』 2nd on Oricon Weekly; 1st Korean Solo Artiste to achieve >100K sales for 3 consecutive singles

On 11 June, Oricon Japan Charts released these information to the press. Congratulations!

*chart refers to Oricon Japan Chart

1st Korean solo artiste (female and male) in record to have attained the point of 100K, ie, more than 100K for 3 consecutive singles (discography) straight in a row just in its first week of release.

3 consecutive singles are:
  • 『KISS KISS/Lucky Guy』 (2012.01.25) - Highest sales for a foreign artiste's debut album on 1st day; More than 100K in its first week
  • 『HEAT』 (2012.07.04) - More than 100K on 1st day (137,774); 183K in its first week; 1st on Daily Charts, 1st on Weekly Charts
  • 『Tonight』 (2013.06.05) - More than 100K on 1st day (101,818); More than 100K (~116K) in its first week; 2nd on Daily Charts, 2nd on Weekly Charts

『Tonight』 has attained ~116,000 (115,809) copies sold in its first week since release on June 5, 2013 (Wed).
It is 2nd on Weekly Charts.

Source: Official Japan Site, Universal Music Japan Site
Source 2: Korean press articles

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