Sunday, February 21, 2016

160220 Show Champion Backstage

Feb 17's Show Champion Backstage video. It's funny and funny ^^ 

YS is soo awkward after such long comeback, while KJ is the calm mediator, and HyungJun the mood-maker ^^ 

"Hello we're Double S 301" ^_^

They were asked what comes onto people's minds when they think of 301
Hyung Jun: 메 (meh)
(UR Man's intro)

Hyung Jun: Meh Meh Meh
*KJ laughs out loud at back*


Kyu Jong: UR Man is?
Hyung Jun: Meh
Kyu Jong: PAIN is?
Hyung Jun: Pehh-in

PD-nim: This' like the most often we've laughed on Show Champion 

PD-nim says their Seoul concert in March was sold out in 3 mins, so YS said 301 3 members so sold out in 3 mins, if 501 5 members it will take 5 minutes.
1 person individual will take 1 min.
He then said, "But why is 1 person faster? Because the audience group will be small".
Hahahaha ^_^

PD-nim asked them what were their trick to having such good looks after all these while, calling it the 방부제 외모 (looks added with preservatives). lol!
KJ said he has aged alot though, since debut he had an old-face
YS said he has been baby-faced all along

PD-nim and sound effects: "ooh~~~~"
Till the extend, he is still asked to check his ID every time he go drinking

YS then continued: "It's good to look young though. but doesn't that mean they don't know me! I didn't even wear any hat!!"
Kyu Jong added that it was his ID photo that looked young ^^

 So YS disclosed that Kyu Jong also had an incident where he self-searched online despite already 30 (this year)

Kyu Jong explained that he went to a friend's birthday party but as he didn't bring his ID with him, the bar's boss said he couldn't enter 'cause that's the rules

KJ then self-searched online and showed the bar boss his photo: "Boss this is me"
Hahahaha ^^

When they had to do a closing, both let YS do it as he seemed awkward but sounded good
So YS said... "We have returned finally in 7 years"...
*awkward awkward*

We Are... Double S 301~!!

☆Source: Naver TV Cast - Show Champion Backstage

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