Saturday, July 02, 2011

규종 :: 07.02 Cute Transformation

뮤지컬 궁에서 다른 이율으로 출연했던 정민씨가 자신의 트위터 계정을 통해 이 밑의 사진을 제공을 했는데요... 누구신지~!! ^^

Jungmin-ssi who appears in musical 'Goong' as the other Lee Yul has shared through his twitter account this photo.

ㅋㅋ이분은 누구실까요~~~넘 귀요미라 공유를안할수가없군요~~ㅋㅋ아.....날이너무 더워요~오늘은 왜이리 습한거야~

kk Who's this person mmm~~~ because it's just simply too cute that I cannot stop from sharing y''s so hot~ Why is it so dense today nya~

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