Sunday, July 31, 2011

Soribada reference tutorials

P.S. This post is created, so as to collate all the various Soribada links,, so as to convenient future reference sake.

In the past, foreigner users could still "Purchase the Soribada Music Card". But this year in July 2011, this service of purchasing card (so that users can stream and download with the card) has been temporarily terminated due to copyright issues.

In the past, also, foreigner users could still register for a "Foreigner's Account" with the "personalized page" on Soribada (like in this tutorial). But now it cannot be anymore.

Although the old page for Foreign Users to sign up is now gone,
there is actually a more indirect way to sign up for a Foreign User.
And that is to claim you are a foreigner living in Korea.
As you know, there can be two types of foreigner living in Korea.
They can be foreigner but migrated to Korea;
and the other, who are pure foreigners.

In this case, we make ourselves the pure foreigners who might just be in Korea for temporary stay.

You have 2(TWO) options.

(1) Use, where you can only download your desired songs - and be counted. but, you cannot stream.

(2) You are able to register an official account + buy the card to stream via (★NEW SYSTEM★ ). refer to below.

1) Soribada Korea site (

Soribada : Become official member + Buy Card (The Foreigner's Account) ★NEW SYSTEM - 2012 Now, use This Link only! ! !★

For Reference

Soribada : Digitally so important?

Soribada : How to stream (for card holders)

Soribada : Stream + Download (by Keuai)

Soribada : ABOUT


Soribada : Become official member (The Foreigner's Account) ★OLD SYSTEM

2) Soribada English site (

Use Download Pass to download and counts in

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