Tuesday, November 08, 2011

형준 :: 첫 드라마 『자체발광 그녀』 - 1st Official Drama

형준군의 첫 정식 드라마는 바로 이게!! '자체발광, 그녀!'...라고 합니다 ^^

Finally, HyungJun's 1st drama has released its initial stage of details!

We all anticipate!

Information collates as follow.

Drama title: 자체발광 그녀! (Tentative)
English title: Girl who shines on her own/She's Completely Insane!
Channel: Cable KBS-N
Episodes: 12 (mini-series)
To air: 2012 January/February
PD: Lee Jung-pyo
Character name: Kang-min
Type: Arrogant but very charismatic top star
Drama synopsis: A story of stars, PDs, writers who work together at a broadcasting station. Depicts also a loveline between the male lead and some other characters in the drama (maybe PD/writer/female celebrities)

Right now, Hyung Jun is busy preparing for drama reading and body training. Official shooting will commence soon!
He will show his very musculine side, and all staff in the production crew is very anticipating too!

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