Saturday, August 04, 2012

현중 :: Aug.4 『2012 Asia Song Festival』 '베스트 아시안 아티스트' 수상 (received 'Best Asian Artist' award)

오늘 여수 엑스포 팍람회장에서 개최되는 엑스포 2012 여수 코리아 『아시아 송 페스티벌』에 참석하는 현중군이 마지막 피날레 장식했고 '베스트 아시안 아티스트'상도 받았습니다. 너무 축하드려요!!!

역시 우주신이 신이랍니다. ^^

Today, the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea 『Asia Song Festival』 was held at the Yeosu Expo starting 8pm. Hyun Joong was in participation at it, and he was the finale performer to appear. In addition, he also received the 'Best Asian Artist' award, with other performers and attendees from Korea, Japan, Singapore, China, Taiwan, too. 

Congratulations!!! It is such an honour! U:zoosin is indeed the 'Sin(God)'. ^^

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