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형준 :: 03.09, 2nd Anniversary Concert in Seoul 『KIM HYUNG JUN "THE FIRST"』

2011 March 8 was the release of 1st Mini-album 『oH! aH!』, which marked his solo debut. This year March will be his 2nd anniversary. There will be a commemorative concert for it on March 9.

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-First Solo Concert in Korea-
Just as the concert's name Kim Hyung Jun "THE FIRST" suggests, this will be Kim Hyung Jun's first solo concert in Korea to be held, and therefore as significant as it will be, he is expected to showcase feverish stage performances as well

 -A live concert with the band-
All the songs to be performed on this time's concert will be re-composed to match the band, you can expect it to be an all-live play with a lifelike stage as well as even more upgraded/refined music.

-Transformation, and Challenge-
Other than the songs from the current albums, he will also perform to various kinds and genres of music and stage performances that has not been showcased before. It will be an unforgettable time as Kim Hyung Jun delivers his deeper refined emotions with the help of his experiences as an actor.

About the Concert

[Concert Information]

Performer : Kim Hyung Jun

Time: 2013 March 9 (Sat), 6 PM

Where: Olympic Park, Woori Art Hall

Ticket Price : 55,000won

Ticketing and Reservation

[Reservation Information]
Ticketing open : 2013 Feb 12 (Tues), 2 PM
Where : Interpark (, Auction (

Seating Plan 

Official Notice: Hyung Jun Korean Homepage

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