Thursday, February 14, 2013

규종 :: 2013 Birthday Message Event (B2M Ent.)

2013 Birthday event under B2M. This is the most direct way for your wishes to be received. Last year, this event was held too. There are also many other channels (fansites, fanclubs) that is holding birthday events too. Please remember to check them out and please participate enthusiastically! ^^

Leave your birthday messages for him under the theme of [ 행복(Happiness) ] 
through 'Free Board' or ThanKYU 'Members Board' 
till Feb 24, 11.59pm (KST+9).

You are free to do it in the form of, eg, poems or essays, etc, is possible. Up to your creativity!

Kyu Jong will read through all the written messages then write a self-written message to 13 people from amongst.

Polaroids that were taken from before will be given out, too.

B2M Ent. Notice: 2013.02.13, Kyu Jong Korean Homepage

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