Wednesday, February 27, 2013

규종,형준 :: 02.27 Twitter Update

훈훈한 우정이요 역시 ^-^ solid friendship never changes.  내사랑만났답니다 ♥ 매운탕사주러 전주까지 달려와준 형준이 ♥ 9일에 한국서 첫 단독 콘서트 하니까 마니 응원해주세요 ♥ 히히히힛 SS501 만세 ♥

English: Met up with my love ♥ Hyung Jun who came down all the way to Jeonju to buy me fish stew soup ♥ He'll be having his first solo concert in Korea on the 9th (March) so please support him much ya ♥  hehehehe SS501 manse  

Source: Kyu Jong Twitter

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