Thursday, July 11, 2013

현중:: [사진] 7/11, 1st Kimcheon Masters Diving Competition ― Press Photos

The 1st Kimcheon Masters Diving Competition took place today (July 11) in Kimcheon. 
Here are a few press photos taken during his jump. 
We can see that Hyun Joong puts in all his mighty effort for the competition, as always, and that is indeed praise worthy. 
It will be an unforgettable day and memory.

한편 제1회 김천시 회장배 다이빙 국제 마스터스대회는 '맨발의 친구들'을 포함, 총 3개국에서 41명의 선수가 출전한다. 금일 녹화 분은 오는 7월 21일부터 방송될 예정이다.

Meanwhile, there were a total of 41 participants from 3 different countries who have taken part in the 1st Kimcheon Diving International Masters Competition today (July 11). The recording for today's competition will be broadcasted beginning July 21 (Sun).

Source: TV Report
Source 2: Daum News Cluster

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