Wednesday, July 31, 2013

형준:: 7/31, Weibo Update

7월 마지막날.. 깜짝 셀카 공개! 근데 사진이 살짝 흔들림 뭔가 더 분위기 있어보이지 않나요? ㅎㅎ 요즘 좀 많이 바쁘지만 바쁜게 체질인가 봐요 하루하루 정말 즐겁습니다~~~~~~~~~^^ 더위에 지칠때도 있지만 여러분도 즐겁게 모두 화이팅!

Last day of July.. A surprise selca revealed here! The photo looks kinda blurry though but don't you think there's more of a feel to it? hehe, been pretty busy these days but I guess it's my physique that's the real busy one, everyday is joyous for me~~~~~~~~~^^ There are times when you do feel worn out because of the heat but be sure to deal with it joyfully, fighting everybody!

Source: Hyung Jun Official Weibo

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