Tuesday, December 21, 2010

[HJ] Playful Kiss Taiwan Promotion will be cancelled

Yes it will be cancelled, well well there goes the hope of 254 fans who vyed so furiously priorhand in advance booking, special networking and actual day of booking which lost its space in just 4 mere seconds... I wonder what the real reason might be..hmm..imagine you're facing it in real-life situation and you got blamed for such a big responsibility...

picture template credit: kelemama@ 501wangja.multiply.com


Anonymous said...

Hi Ode,

So sad to hear that the TW PK promotion has been canceled but Hyun Joong's health should take priority over his activities. By the way, do you know if Keyeast has made an official announcement regarding this matter?

ode said...

it will soon ^^ lets play at the playground!