Saturday, December 04, 2010

[KJ+YS] 4th Fanmeet @ Press Con [nocut news]

Nocut news 1.54 @ Press Con

Before the fanmeeting on this day, Heo Youngsaeng also revealed on the press conference, "We had been doing activities as SS501 with 5 of us together, now that we are doing this separately again, it's really the first", "Before we came here actually, we were worrying about what to say", as he revealed their thoughts on beginning a new solo activity chapter.

Indeed Kim Kyujong mentioned too "We have been preparing alot for this fanmeeting, we felt so nervous and excited that we could not sleep", "Though we are so nervous, it's now our new fresh start; what's left ahead is only a better paved road for us".

"Not long ago, we had a drink with our members, we mentioned that we will do a fanmeeting today. They just really encouraged and supported us as if it was like their own schedule", "in particular, they gave much advices like not to get nervous and just do it well, etc", as Kyujong added.