Tuesday, December 21, 2010

[KJ] 1 day MC for Mnet's M Super Concert

Source: B2M (http://b2ment.com/notice.html)
Chinese translation: redcat111@kimkyujong.com.cn
English translation: rainaftershine.wordpress.com


This is a notice on Kim Kyu Jong as a 1 day MC for M SUPER CONCERT.

Programme name: Mnet M SUPER CONCERT

-Omitted venue-

Date/time: 23.12.10 6pm
First 200 people will be able to enter the venue at 5pm

Please give lots of concern, thank you!


김규종군이 M슈퍼콘서트 1일 MC를 맡아 진행하게 되어 공지하여드립니다.

프로그램명 : Mnet M슈퍼콘서트

장소 : 동탄메타폴리스 중앙광장

일시 : 2010. 12. 23 오후 6시
오후 5시부터 사전입장 (선착순 200석가량)

많은관심 부탁드립니다 감사합니다.

Of course he will be, don't you think? Kinda expected, besides this is is titled grabbing hold of wise golden opportunities

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