Monday, December 27, 2010

[JM][images] 23/DEC Tokyo Fanmeet : Asian-Hana

Tracklist for 23rd TOKYO's fanmeet

  1. If you cannot (SS501)
  2. LOVERS (SS501)
  3. ORION (Mika Nakashima)
  4. Always Merry Christmas (aka LOVERS) (B'z)
  5. Dreams Come True (aka Konayuki 粉雪)
  6. Everyday Everyday Christmas (to be released in solo album in January)

ORION, Always Merry Christmas
are all songs recommended by fans when he posed the recruiting question on his twitter back beginning of this month.. While Dreams Come True is his Christmas song for Fans...

Also, in the "how will he propose to fans" corner, he recommends to bring his GF to a posh restaurant and propose to her in the following manner "Let's have 3 of us next year. Let's form a baby!" that. However, his real idea of a propose is just a simple concept with a ring.

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