Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jaksal chicken and its origin (><)

Well, as proof that HyunJoong opened the Jaksal chicken chain outlet
with a childhood friend of his,
the "proof" has been searched up by Miniquilt-ssi~

cr: Miniquilt-ssi's blogy

This one = captured*edited in red by me
source & original screencap from the above blog
As you could see, boxed in red, is HJ's name,
his status is the "Business Applicant"
also guaranteed/witnessed by his friend (in next row),
but I didnt re-capture that

reason for this.....HyunJoong's "quote" in YSMM was used..............
..........on his own business menu leaflet
(boxed in red) ^^

random jaksal package


Anonymous said...

so my question hun, did miniquit mention jaksal chicken still exist or not now?
because what i heard.. its closed.. because hotsun chicken buy jaksal chicken.. and and and... when we type jaksal chicken website.. it would direct to hotsun chicken site...

Ode♥ said...

no didnt never write. i was thinking the same also, whether jaksal still remain there or not O.O
maybe it is... * *

Ode♥ said...

*it isnt...

Mini UFO said...

I remember leader mentioned that he closed down his business in Family Outings. But why???

Anyway to check that korean site for the business applicant status again?

Ode♥ said...

first, hi^^

second, "anyway to check that korean site for the business applicant status again"...? O,O

dance dance dance danceeee