Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[Video] Smile that makes me fly away ^O^

Yeahhh... i got crazy when i look at pentacle501 data page, they post this video recently.. ^^
This is old video, old event, but they just released it. And it makes me more crazy because they posted it in pandora... Gaaaahhhhhhh i realy officialy hate pandora much.. it really caused me pulling my hair... i never successfully finished wathing pandora video. It always got error in the middle. And i dont know how to donwload pandora video too.

Oh my, the problem is all the donwloader i download to get pandora video, the only way the downloading process will work while you playing that video too.. And the question is how the download will start smoothly, if i never play the video smoothly... >< ;;;; and and then i feel more stressed because all good video and HQ fancam mostly posted in pandora. PERFECT, pentacle501, kangsun19, weolcheok, junique, etc mostly use pandora to post their video.... ahhhhhhhhh hate the pandora much.... but nowadays seems its trend korean upload their video to pandora.. okay finish my ranting, so i hope whoever kind soul out there will always reupload to youtube or anykind media which easy to watch.... and anyone can teach me how to download video from pandora.. without we have to play that video first... T___________T please help to teach us.... and this channel is like savior for us, pandora haters ^^ He uploaded some pentacle501 video from pandora... ^^ Yes, he, leenongkan1, hyun joong's 11 years old little fans ^^
i recalled what i could do in my 11 years old times.. i still cant do much about technology related.. thx much much much to leenongkan1 to help us ^^

and and ahhhhh i really love this video.. this is hyun joong's focus fancam when he was singing FLY AWAY, after they won dejavu mutizen. Fly Away is ss501 song for Kungya kungya anime OST ^^ the song is cute song.. ^^
Just loved this fancam sooooo much.. because he was smile all the way... You definitely will smile when watching him smile.... everytime i talk about his smile, i cant described it more, hahah you know what i mean right ?? ^^
ahhhhh i will have good sleep tonight ^^

Just drop to his channel to say thanks okay, he help us so much with reupload pentacle501 pandora video to youtube.. ^^

(ode: uhhh wow, that was a looong ranting)

Kim hyun joong focus when singing Fly away ^^

Just in case you havent heard it just yet, or forgot to say hello to aliens
Click Me to hear...

credit: pentacle501 + leenongkan1

Just in case you havent watched it yet before, this the fancam whrn they won de javu mutizen..
Baby was crying ^o^, looking warm hug for his leader and and hyun joong was holding himself from crying too.. ^^
de javu mutizen its really mean alot for our boys, in de javu times they have hard time, hyun joong got accident,
and should dance with his hurting leg almost for 2 months, the sales album is not that good, and etc.. so yeahhh at that time i cry with the boys too.. T^T

the famous mutizen dejavu fancam ^^

credit: doublehj.co.kr + swoondoublehj @ YT


just give you the direct link because embedding dissable by the uploader ^^