Wednesday, March 31, 2010

[photo] HyungJun becomes Progamer's Official Cert

Remember I said HyungJungun finally got his cert
after alotttt of hardwork?
Yeah, of course I don't have to say anything and you know
Of course you had seen it in Ep10, the finale episode.

When I was at 601 awhile ago during my random times,
I saw this, and it included a screenshot of Hyungjuny's cert,
zoomed in one, with details and such
Nods, of course from the programme itself...
so I thought it's worth to share

So proud arent you?
What a beautiful & memorable cert to be kept at home.....

fr: 601

명예 프로게이머 인증서
Honorary Progamer Certificate

국적 : 대한민국
Country: Republic of Korea

성명 : 김형준
Name: Kim Hyung Jun

주민등록번호 : 870803-1******
KSSN: 870803-1******

인증사항 : 명예프로게이머
Title of Honour: Honorary Progamer

인증번호 : H10-001
Verification code: H10-001

종목 : 스타크래프트
Game Title: StarCraft

2010년 3월 25일
사단법인 한국 e-sports 협회 회장 조기행
2010 March 25
Korea E-Sports Association, Association Chairman Jo Ki-haeng
(the person in the picture at topmost, presented cert to Hyungjun)