Monday, March 29, 2010

[news] HyungJun's [StarCraft] will be shown on 29/March/2010

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(HyungJun part only...)

In MBC Game's new variety 'The 13th Game', gagman Kim Hyung-in had a duel of the game StarCraft with SS501's Kim Hyung Jun.

Kim Hyung-in of 'The 13th Game' and protagonist Kim HyungJun of 'HyungJun becomes a Progamer' had a duel match, in this match, acer Kim Hyung-in's battle net match with Kim HyungJun was at a standby of 1:1 which had put them to be at ties immediately, and it was suggested that the match would be accomplished in this way. On the 17th March at the Munrae-dong, LOOX MBC Game Hero center, this game was being recorded for.

On this day of match, the chosen players based on each's ranking were The 13th Game's Acer Kim Hyung-in, Han Seung-kyu, 'HyungJun becomes a progamer' team's Kim HyungJun and Seo Gyung-jong, they participated with the 2:2 teamplay method, and thus attracted attention.

The 13th Game consisting of Seo Gyung-jong and Kim HyungJun's exciting participation will be broadcasted on March 29 at 6PM in the evening.