Monday, March 29, 2010

[Photo] BOF Premium Event DVD in Yokohama (2009.09)

Finally i know from what DVD these following photo.
Its from BOF Premium Event DVD in Yokohama (2009.12) just released.
Yeah japan and alot of DVD collection....

This event was held in September 2009 in Japan
This is from the DVD's photobook

I will just post some pics. For more pic and info you can go to this link, HERE

For April 2009's Fanmeeting in Japan, it is HERE
Different fanmeets~

-Boys over Flowers Premium Event -- September 5th's performance highlight
-Tokyo MX [Hanryu Fondue]

-Making~ Footage in Japan, Event Rehearsal, Backstage -- September 5, September 6
-Press Conference @ Pacifico Yokohama

Cast: Lee Minho, Kim HyunJoong, Goo HyeSun, Kim Joon, Im Ju-hwan, Kim So-eun, SS501, TMax

=TMax : Paradise
=Im Ju-hwan : Talk
=Kim So-eun : Talk
=Kim Joon : Talk
=Kim HyunJoong : Talk, [Thank You], [Sorry]
=Lee Minho : Talk, [My Everything]
=Tmax : Talk, [Bang Bang Boom!], [Bad for the heart], [Say Yes]
=You are just that Tsukushi-chan!
=SS501 : Talk, [Deja Vu], [Again], [Song calling for you], [Because I'm Stupid]

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