Tuesday, January 01, 2013

영생, 규종, 정민, 형준 :: 13.01.01 Greetings

Greetings sent on the first day of 2013. ^_^

Eng: Everybody~ Hello! Last year I made my solo debut in Japan, and thanks to everybody it was a great year. This year too, I'll work hard so that I can meet everybody through many activities!
Happy happy~ new year, and may you be blessed with much fortune ^^

Eng: A new 2013 year has approached. It's a new beginning where new goals are set; I hope for you to slowly slowly achieve it bit by bit, one by one. I'm gonna run for it too~ Let's fighting together! Happy new year♥

(Link: https://twitter.com/HyungJun87/status/285992916286058497)

Eng: After spending joyous time with my precious people, it's now already morning in no time! On the way back~ Huk! Our whole village has became so white-ish (snow)! Hope it'll be a year just like drawing paper for everybody! The way you want it to be~ The way you would eagerly work hard for it just like you'd on a canvas! Fighting to all my peeps! Should now go to sleep now that I've finished my greetings (bow) ya^^

(Link: https://twitter.com/JungMin0403/status/285883042181029888)

Eng: Happy New Year ♥ Have a good new year my pretties ♥ Have a 2013 year with a grateful heart and smiles filled to a brim as you share the happiness that way~~♥

(Link: https://twitter.com/2kjdream/status/285763258563043328)

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