Sunday, January 20, 2013

현중 :: About the '용 목도리(Dragon Skarf)'...

Shared amongst fans, behind Story of Hyun Joong's most memorable fan gift - the Dragon Scarf (용 목도리), as was mentioned in 01.19 『연예가 중계(Entertainment Relay)』 ^^

Q. 기억에 남는 해외 팬의 선물은? (What's a gift from overseas fans that left an impression on you?)

A. 중국의 인터뷰에서 용 같은 목도리를 갖고싶다고... (I mentioned before in a Chinese interview in China that I wanted a scarf like a dragon...)

A. 진짜 100m 용 목도리를 짜서 보내준 팬! (There really was a 100m long dragon skarf that was knitted and given to me!)

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