Friday, January 11, 2013

형준 :: 2nd Anniversary Concert in Seoul, 2013.03

2011 March 8 was the release of 1st Mini-album oH! aH!』. which marked his solo debut. This year March will be his 2nd anniversary. There will be a commemorative concert for it! Let's await an official notice from S-PLUS ENT. for concrete details.

Date of Concert: March 9, 2013 (Sat)

Where: Seoul, S.Korea

For fans who join into this tour (Japan):
1. 2nd Anniversary Concert attendance + Rehearsal watching (a part of it)
2. 3 pieces of bromide to be given to all participants
3. Handshake with him!

+BONUS+ A secret present from him to all participants

Event Itinerary:
1. Concert
2. After Handshake

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