Friday, January 18, 2013

현중 :: Japan Tour 2013 "UNLIMITED" - Additional stop in Yoyogi National Gymnasium 03.03

In addition to his current 14 stops of Japan Tour 2013, there will be another additional one, and it has been decided to take place on Mar 3 at Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Shibuya, Japan. This is great news!!!

English: An additional stop on Mar 3 (Sun) at Yoyogi National Gymnasium has been decided!

English: Kim Hyun Joong's agency has decided in order to reciprocate fans' huge concerns and love, an additional stop in Tokyo Yoyogi National Gymnasium on coming Mar 3 has been officially decided, and it's expected to spend joyous moments with fans on that day.

Source: Kim Hyun Joong Japan Site, Ilkan Sports

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