Saturday, January 26, 2013

영생 :: 01.26, New 3rd mini-album updates

Expected 3rd mini-album tentative plan. 2nd mini-album 『SOLO』 was in 2012 May.


[Heo Young Saeng Album Information]

Heo Young Saeng preparing for 3rd mini-album!
So what's the updates for it?

✒ Album Recording 80% Completed
-There might be possibility of addition of songs, currently left with mixing and mastering.

✒ Album Jacket Shooting Completed!
-Currently left with selection of photo and designing.

✒ Title track (????)
-Already selected the title track at the beginning stage of album preparation, currently practising choreography with dancers!

✒ MV Shooting
-Scheduled to shoot in final week of Jan!

✒✒✒✒✒✒ Tentative Album Release Date
-end-Feb to early-Mar is the current target for release. Will notify the exact release date at a later date.

Screen capture taken from source: Young Saeng Y.E.S Official Fanclub Newsletter E-mail
Newsletter E-mail screen capture by: Young Saeng Baidu, User 王小卯0317,
Thank you!

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