Tuesday, August 03, 2010

오세정씨와의 첫만남 -- First meeting...with?

1st posted: Aug 3, 9.56 am
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Actress Oh Se-jung who has been in sitcom 'Run, Mom', SBS drama 'Woman of my man' expressed her special affections for SS501 in 'Strong heart' to be broadcasted on August 3. It was known that SS501's Kim KyuJong had once revealed through a tv programme that Oh Se-jung is his ideal type, and the moment that was revealed, it became the Number 1 most-searched on various media portal sites, which caused a commotion.

On this day's broadcast, Oh Se-jung expressed, "I do know the fact that he's thought of me as his ideal, I've been watching by Kyujong-ssi all the time too". After which when the MCs asked her, "There wasn't any occasion when both of you met up privately?" where Oh Se-jung replied to it that they did meet each other by chance once, which attracted attention.

More concise details to this heart-racing first meeting will be revealed on August 3 episode's "Strong Heart" at 11.05 pm on SBS.

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just adding in another part. basically she talked about their story, and showed a few clips of KyuJong mentioning her on progs like "Golden fishery" etc. Coverage wasn't more than 10 mins. Everyone was very shocked too that she's already passed 30 so quickly (born in '79, 3 days aft KJ). She looks too young and innocent (^o^). Thats why you see her on searches

On this day's 'Strong heart', she also left a video message for KyuJong confessing that "she feels glad yet uneasy" about her being KyuJong's ideal woman for this while, which actually left greater curiosity instead.