Wednesday, August 18, 2010

[기사] 17th HJ arrives for Bof event

For the sake of drama "Boys over Flowers" alumni event, Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Japan Osaka's Kansai international airport at around 7pm evening of 17 August and received enthusiastic welcome from fans.

On the afternoon of 17th when Kim HyunJoong was preparing to leave for Japan, it was said that Kansai airport had already began to grow in crowds. Though his exact time of arrival was not specifically known, starting from around noon, fans had begun to clamp into airport and very quickly, it increased exponentially to about 200 of them and more at once. And so because of safety reasons, private security guards and policemen had to be mobilized on the spot, which was quite a sight.

Kim Hyun Joong arrived in the Kansai airport at around 7pm in the evening and received the warm welcome of about a few hundred fans who were standing in an orderly manner and awaiting him. HyunJoong flashed his bright smile and waved at his fans as soon as he stepped out of the exit gate, and of course too, not forgetting to return greetings. Quite some fans stayed behind even after HyunJoong left the airport and shared their joy and happiness with one another.

This time's event has brought about massive concern because it is the gathering of the casts of hit drama "Boys over Flowers" which did not only gain fame in Korea but also in Japan. The casts will be congregated in one spot and watch the famous/memorable scenes along with fans in Japan, in addition, video footages from the past BoF events will be recapped as well. This event will spin meaningful and lasting memories with fans.

Keyeast related personnel said that "although HyunJoong has been shooting for drama day and night, he has been forking out time to prepare for this stage too. Since it's been quite some time he'll be meeting BoF fans again, he's been working hard for preparations so as to create beautiful memories with fans".

Kim Hyun Joong along with Goo Hyesun, Kim Bum and Kim Jun will be carrying out "Boys over Flowers - Alumni Event" on 18th in Osaka, and 21st in Tokyo, with 2 showtimes per day. Lee Minho cannot partake due to some personal schedule.