Tuesday, August 10, 2010

[메시지] 정민: 정민입니다~!^^ @ 2010-08-10, 10:02:13 AM

Annyonghaseyo~^^ This is Jungmin~!

I'm writing like this again in a long while~~!

Has all our Triple S been living well?

Weather's been so hot~ Rain pours too at times...!

For students, they have also went on vacation, for working people, they have also went for their summer holiday~~

Wonder if they have all been back safely and happily or not..!!

I've always been fine all this while~

Recently I'm in the taking-care-mode~~ Body's been healthy enough, heart's been cheerful/bright/light enough ~!!

Because I became a handsome boy, I will upload my proof (a photo) soon..!^^*

eum... The reason why I wrote my entry today

is because I previously made a promise to..!

If I were to sign on to any contract, I will leave a piece here first and foremost.

Was worried much, and after much discussions, I made this decision.

From now on, I will be beginning afresh

with the name of 'Park Jungmin' in 'SS501'.

(Of course no matter when, I'm 'SS501's Jungmin'..! Jungmin in SS501!)!

This time, the agency to whom I've signed on with is CNR MEDIA,

It is formed by Taiwan's 'Comic-ritz' and our Korea's "ROY MEDIA".

Though I'm feeling very worried and anxious.

But to this Jungmin who will now be moving forth with his first new footstep, please give him much strength/support..!

In future, I will work harder and develop better.^^

In a while more, I will be uploading my handsome profile shot to greet you~~!! ajaja..^^


안녕하세요~^^ 정민입니당~!

이렇게 또 오래간만에 글을 쓰게되네요~~!

울 Triple S 여러분들은 잘 지내나요?

날씨도 덥고~ 간간히 비도 쏟아지고...!

학생분들은 방학도 했을테고, 직장인 분들은 여름휴가 기간일텐데~~

잘 다녀오셨는지도 궁금하네요..!!

저는 항상 잘 지내고 있습니다~

요즘엔 관리모드예요~~ 몸두 건강히 하고, 마음도 밝게 ~!!

어여 멋쟁이가 되서 인증샷올릴께요..!^^*

음... 오늘 제가 이렇게 글을 쓰는 이유는

지난 번에 약속했었으니까..!

계약을 하게 된다면 제일 먼저 말씀드리겠다고.

많이 고민하고, 또 상의하여 결정했습니다.

이제 새롭게

'SS501'에서 '박정민'이라는 이름으로 다가서려 합니다.

(물론 전 언제나 'SS501의 정민'이구요..! 정민 in SS501!)!

제가 이번에 같이 일을 하게 된 회사는 CNR MEDIA 이라는 곳이고,

대만의 '코믹리츠(Comic-ritz)와

국내 회사 "ROY MEDIA'가 함께 만든 곳입니다.

많이 걱정되고 긴장도 되지만.

이제 첫걸음을 내딛는 정민이에게 많이 힘이 되어주세요..!

앞으로 더 열심히 노력하고 또 발전하겠습니다.^^

조만간 멋쟁이 인증샷으로 인사드릴께요~~!! 아자잣..^^

fr: ss501.dspenter.com

Very promising ~!!!!